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Facilities: LC-MS/MS Ion Trap

Agilent LC-MS/MS 6320
-Ion Trap MS (ESI and APCI)
-1200 Series HPLC w/ auto sampler
-Photodiode Array Detector (PDA)
-Dominick Hunter G4 Nitrogen Generator
-Location: 3231 PES

LC-MS/MS Ion Trap

Equipment in the Environmental Soil Chemistry Lab include:
Thermo Nicolet 6700 FTIR
Agilent LC-MS/MS Ion Trap 6320
Dionex ASE 150
Water Alliance HPLC
Dionex Ion Chromatograph
Thermo Genesys 10s UV-Vis
Foss InfraXact NIR
Sorval RC-5 Refrigerated Centrifuge
Beckman-Coulter LS-230
Barnstead Nanopure Life Science (UV/UF)
Micellaneous Equipment (Microcentrifuge, Balances, Shakers, Water Baths, Roto-Vap, pH, etc)