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The Environmental Soil Chemistry Lab at UC Davis investigates how interactions between bacteria, minerals, humic substances, and contaminants in natural environments influence biogeochemical cycling and environmental quality. Examples of research areas/interests include:

i) examining transport and degradation mechanisms for pharmaceuticals, nanoparticles, hormones, and personal care products in soil and water (i.e., ground, surface, wastewater);

ii) identifying persistent degradation products of primary pollutants (organic and inorganic) and determining their bioavailability;

iii) determining reaction rates of contaminant oxidation/transformation at mineral and bacteria surfaces;

iv) elucidating the role of bacterial surface biomolecules in cell adhesion and biomineralization/dissolution reactions;

v) investigating the role of extracellular polymeric compounds in heavy metal biogeocycling; and

vi) evaluating the potential of biochar soil amendments to impact soil fertility, greenhouse gas emissions, and contaminant transport.