**COVID-19 Impacts UC Davis Campus and Research Activities**
This is a challenging time for our planet, our nation, and the UC Davis community. UC Davis continues to follow the guidelines to shelter in place and practice physical distancing due to COVID-19. The campus remains closed except to essential personnel. All classes have shifted to online teaching and only essential research is continuing. For those looking for official information, UCD has set up web pages related to  COVID-19 for the Campus Community and with the Latest Campus Updates. For information regarding COVID-19, the CDC remains one of the best sources. Aside from the physical illness concerns, coping with the current situation can be difficult for all of us. If you are concerned about others, or yourself, please refer to resources from the CDC to reduce stress and anxiety. For those affiliated with UCD, consider the Student Health and Counselling Services or the Academic and Staff Assistance Program

Welcome to the Parikh Lab!

The Environmental Soil Chemistry Group is led by Sanjai J. Parikh and housed in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at the University of California, Davis. The primary objective of our group is to examine biogeochemical processes that influence soil and water resources that have bearing on environmental remediation, food safety and security, and soil health. Our research addresses both temporal and spatial variability, scaling from field studies to interfacial processes occurring at mineral and organic surfaces to investigate the sorption, transport, and degradation of environmental contaminants, nutrients, biomolecules, and bacteria.