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Welcome to the web page for the Environmental Soil Chemistry Group in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at the University of California, Davis. The goal of the research conducted in our lab is to deepen our understanding of soil biogeochemical processes that influence environmental quality. To this end, we focus on interfacial processes occurring at mineral surfaces to investigate the sorption and transport of environmental contaminants, biomolecules, and bacteria.


January 2017. Back row, left to right: Deirdre Griffin, Barbara Alves, Daniel Rath, Zaahir Howard, Chongyang Li, Sanjai Parikh. Front Row: Hagr Balla, Yuhei Nakayama, Andrew Margenot, Devin Rippner, Dani Gelardi, Natalie McElroym Andrea Aguilera.

UC Davis Biochar Database
Our lab has created and maintains the UC Davis Biochar Databse. The database serves as an open-access tool for biochar users, manufacturers, and researchers.
-Please visit, register, and participate at: http://biochar.ucdavis.edu.
-You can also fund us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/UCDavisBiochar

soil chemistry at interfaces
General scope of research being carried out in the Environmental Soil Chemistry Lab at UC Davis.